Q: Who are you? 

A: I'm Alex Wagner, a freelance content strategist and writer based in New York City. I create marketing strategies and write a variety of content for successful businesses around the world. Please check out my About page for more personal background.

Q: What's your experience as a writer?

A: I started my writing career as a video producer, writing video marketing scripts for corporate and small business clients. In the early 2010's, I was a content strategist and video producer at Republic Property Group, one of the fastest-growing land developers in North Texas. While there, I conceived and executed video marketing campaigns, of which writing was a crucial component, writing on-screen narration, social media content, and video treatments for over 50 pieces of video content.

I'm also a book author, having published my first book on Amazon in 2016: Don't Do What I Did: An Honest Guide to Freelancing in Film and Video.

With over a decade of writing content for the web and for businesses, I understand what it takes to deliver your message to potential customers.

Q: Can I look at some of your previous work to get an idea of the quality and style of your writing?

A: You can see samples of previous work on my Portfolio page.

Q: How much do you charge?

A: Fees depend on the type of writing required. I quote each project at a flat rate, as opposed to an hourly one. I find it's better to give a client the specific cost for a project, it makes everyone more comfortable. 

Q: Do you require a deposit? 

A: To get started, I ask for 30-50% deposit of the total project fee. This is the copywriting industry standard, and serves two useful purposes: 1) it shows that the client is serious and 2) it gives me an impetus to get to work — I want the client to get their money's worth!

Do you take on rush jobs?

A: Occasionally. When I do, I charge a rush-fee, in which my normal rates double.

Do you provide free samples?

A: No. I write full-time for a living, and so am unable to provide prospective clients with "trial" samples of my work. Please see my portfolio or contact me with any questions.

Q: So how do I get a quote?

A: It's very simple — just email me and I will respond with a few basic questions about the size and scope of your project. Thanks!